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Whatever your reason for looking to find a counselor, thank you for visiting MyPath Counseling, and welcome in! 

Finding your therapist to interact with you on your path is not always easy. It takes courage to ask for help. 

The best prognosis for therapy to be successful is the right fit between you and your therapist.


My name is Christiane Roehrborn and I am the face behind MyPath Counseling.

The mission with MyPath is to provide a safe, comfortable environment to hear your concerns, support you, challenge you,

and help you on your, yet, uncharted path to living a happier life.


Extensive training, continued studies, and my own life experiences guide my therapeutic approach. As a licensed counselor, and fellow human being I am well prepared to assist you in taking new steps to understand and solve problems,

and to discover personal growth and better quality of life.


I offer all new clients a free, 15-minute phone consultation.  During that initial time, we will briefly discuss your situation to see if the client/therapist relationship is a good fit for both of us.

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