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Communication is one of those human abilities that has the power to transcend the moment and express emotions that range the full spectrum. All of us are able to send and receive messages to others in whatever forms necessary to be heard, understood, accepted, and to feel connected. For various reasons these messages often do not reach their target, get misinterpreted, or are sent in ways less constructive.

As long as I can think back, contact and relationships with people have been a main component in my life. 



As long as I can think back, contact and relationships with people have been a main component in my life. Connections and communication make me thrive; they nourish my heart and soul, and challenge my mind.


My personal experience has shown me that connection to others is essential and that effective communication is very hard.  Most of us have a tough time communicating feelings or think it is not important. 


In the past I have been in situations with others that have hurt me and caused me pain. I myself have inadvertently hurt others. Loving and caring from family and friends have helped me heal and feel accepted. They gave me strength and trust to go on, to continue to better and reinvent myself.  These important people help me feel encouraged in my daily life and endeavors, which is very meaningful to me.



I believe that change is possible, that people can adjust their way of thinking, of feeling, of acting, to create the life they want and deserve. This is by no means easy.


As your therapist I promise: I will be there for you, to listen, to care, help you sort out your feelings, accept without judging.

I will encourage and empower you to make changes along the way, find practical solutions, and to rejoice with you when you feel better. 

In turn I expect you to bring to therapy your participation in form of commitment, continuity, and honesty.


In doing this work my goal remains to help you connect with the genuine, self-accepting part of you that wants change. I would welcome the opportunity to walk a new path with you on which you figure out how you want to move forward in your own life.




If you've been exploring the site and feel you are ready to meet face-to-face, I'd love the opportunity to hear your story, the good and the bad.

If you're ready to take that step, I'm here, eager to listen!

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